Why A Need Assessment

1. A needs assessment is a part of planning processes.
2. It can be an effective tool to clarify problems and identify appropriate interventions or solutions.
3. By clearly identifying the problem, finite resources can be directed towards developing and implementing a feasible and applicable solution.
4. Gathering appropriate and sufficient data informs the process of developing an effective product that will address the groups needs and wants.
5. Needs assessments are only effective when they are ends-focused and provide concrete evidence that can be used to determine which of the possible means-to-the-ends are most effective and efficient for achieving the desired results.

Benefits of Assessment


1. Because assessment can provide information about the knowledge and skills students have as they enter a course…
2. Because assessment can provide reliable data on student learning…
3. Because assessment can make available richer data about the effects of the curriculum or teaching methods…
4. Because assessment can provide evidence that faculty make a difference in student learning…
5. Because assessment can offer a larger view of student needs and accomplishments…


1. Faculty can design instruction to target the knowledge and skills students should have upon finishing a course and better determine the levels of thinking or reasoning appropriate for the course
2. Faculty can rely less on the comments that appear on student evaluations as indicators of their success in teaching
3. Faculty can engage in more productive conversations about the status of student achievement and make better decisions about how it might be improved.
4. Faculty can enjoy greater satisfaction in their work as educators.
5. Faculty can identify directions for future instructional development


1. Work collaboratively to develop approaches to monitoring, self-evaluation and improvement planning.
2. Engage regularly in collegiate working including by participating in local and national networking activities.
3. Work with colleagues to develop a shared understanding of standards and expectations through moderation activities which involve coherent planning, checking, sampling, reviewing and providing feedback for improvement.
4. Ensure that assessment always supports learning and is based on a wide range of evidence which is reliably judged against national standards and expectations and promotes progression, breadth and depth in learning.
5. Plan, design and carry out assessment as an ongoing part of learning and teaching and periodically use specific assessments, tests or examinations as appropriate.
6. Involve learners fully in assessment and help them to understand what is expected
7. Develop learners’ roles in moderation activities.
8. Evaluate evidence of learning to contribute to profiles and report on learners’ achievements and progress.
9. Participate in quality assurance, moderation and CPD activities, using materials available, to develop assessment expertise and to ensure assessment practices are valid and reliable.
10. Contribute to and take ownership of the National Assessment Resource.

SMART Career Planning

1. It is the most important thing to know about ourselves, our career interest, our preference and personality first.
2. SMART career planning is a half job done and helps in staying focused.
3. Targeting for most suitable and best fit career options result into higher success and satisfaction in life.

Career Development Process


Grooming Future Manager

1. Leadership Skills Workshop
2. Specially for Final Year Graduates and Post Graduates First time with World Class Psychometric inputs
3. Real Time Tools & Insights to …
4. Enhance, Upgrade & Change Your Orientation for Personal & Professional Success

Grooming Future Managers Today … Why

We asked hundreds of students after they started working…facing realities of life … How has your life changed ???


What would you advise your institute to teach their students so that the next in line learn these skills before they are out in job market?
Our Survey Revealted that…
There are more than 35 skills to be learnt/sharpened/taught…
Ranging from …

  • Self Reflection
  • Customer Focus
  • Decision Making
  • Finance Management

5 skills out of the findings topped with repeat votes…


Skills Votes





1. Any students & Faculty both(Fresher’s & Experience)
2. Academic organizations can call on us for your specific concerns
3. Get students’ strengths and potential analysis in advance at the time of admission using psychometric insights.
4. We help you prepare scientifically developed, data based “Soft & Technical Skills Development” plan that you may execute with your own in house support
5. Sharing updates in the field of education using psychometric assessments and leadership training

College Support

1. Online support
2. Lab Infrastructure
3. Coordinator(Faculty +Students )
4. Class room (depends upon Strength)
5. Traveling Arrangement
6. If counselor are coming outside arrangements for Accommodations +Food.
7. Price – Depends upon Strength and Quality

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