Center of Excellence

Career Development & Placement Center


1. All India Engineering colleges 3000+ & Private Universities 200+
2. Each year 30+ lakhs Graduates pass out
3. 40% of Indian Populations are youths age group of -13 to 35 yrs.
4. Only 25% of Technical Graduates and 10 to 15 % of General Graduates are employable.
5. What is the reason???
6. Lets Join Hands Together…

Responsibilities of the CDPC

1. Students shall be encouraged to engage in continues self-assessment through a variety of resources & activities in next 4 years at Campus and in Industries
2. Students shall be equipped with all the necessary resources to obtain occupational information may it be industry or academics.
3. Students shall be given a platform to explore full range of employment opportunities.
4. To liaison between Industry and the Institute
5. To suggest corrective measures to non-eligible and interested students to make them employable.
6. To invite the Best IT/ITES/ITIS Companies having various verticals for Campus Recruitments. Student-Faculty ratio is 20:1
7. To motivate and counsel students about Industry practices and improve their emotional quotient.
8. To facilitate real time preparation for company selection process.
9. Create the Center of Excellence for Training and Placements
10. Every years adopt new technologies for Final years students

Campus @ Life

An Orientation Session & Awareness for Training & Placement for As engineer

If college & students are interested then Activity can be arranged for Students and Parents


2. Plan
3. Compatibility
4. Benefit
5. Preparation
6. Timeline

Note – Free of cost for Orientations & Seminar

My College OptionsNational level Conferences

Applicable to all braches 1st year to final years

Topics :

  • Cyber Security & Ethical Hacking
  • Polyurethane Technology
  • Renewable Energy
  • Digital Marketing
  • Mobile Technology & Manufacturing
  • Project Management (Entrepreneurship)

Technical Training & Workshop

Applicable to branch wise 1st year to final year.

Topics :

1. Cyber Security & Ethical Hacking (CS/IT/EC)
2. Polyurethane Technology (EC/ME/Chemical/Automobile/Plastic)
3. Renewable Energy (EC-EEE/ME/Chemical/Automobile/Plastic)
4. Digital Marketing (CS/IT/EC/EEE)
5. Mobile Technology & Manufacturing (CS/IT/EC/EEE)
6. Project Management (Entrepreneurship) – (Civil /Architecture)

Technical Live projects

Applicable to branch wise 1st year to final year.

1. Online
2. Offline
3. As per requirement in training & workshop
4. Internship & Industrial training (Extra charges applicable )


Applicable to branch wise to final year

1. Organized Off & on campus
2. Organizing Placement week
3. On job Training
4. Planning for Job fair (As per Requirement)

Note- Charges as per discussion

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