As the struggle for talent/ Skill intensifies, organizations face a huge continual challenge to build and grow the required skill set. We at Finnjobs.com, have started “Hire – Train – Deploy” model as part of our ongoing commitment to providing cost-effective skilled people that results in a timely, safe, and sustainable return to work for Companies. This program is specially designed for our valued customers who have special needs for their new staff to be trained in specific areas before they come on board and also to all the University and Unemployed People who are in the need of a Job. 

We specialize in resourcing an entry-level position role. With our vast network in the industry and our diverse and rich sourcing experience we are fully equipped to fulfill your specific staffing requirements for permanent resources with the best-fit candidate, within your budget and your time frame.

This is where our Hire – Train – Deploy program steps with a effective solution.

Finnjobs.com ADVANTAGE

The course at company Introduced BY Finnjobs.com is so constructed using state-of-the-art infrastructure in Colleges & University to provide the participants with simulation of real-life production environment. Again, due to our industry engagement and our preferred-partner status with top-tier IT services organizations, we have a fuller understanding of the industry’s requirements and, therefore, are in a position to groom people to be production-ready from Day One.

Making organization-wide Recruitment  and Development Platform affordable for grassroots, in-country, international organizations, and northern nonprofits Organizations without any Risk.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is the term used to describe the learning activities professionals engage in to develop and enhance their abilities. It enables learning to become conscious and proactive, rather than passive and reactive.

Engaging in Continuing Professional Development ensures that both academic and practical qualifications do not become out-dated or obsolete; allowing individuals to continually ‘up skill’ or ‘re-skill’ themselves, regardless of occupation, age or educational level.

Making New CSR (Corporate social Responsibility) in India.  As center of excellence more accessible to individuals through group funding by Finnjobs.com

Program Overview


Access to large network of Fresher’s in India

The candidates shall be screened and selected for the training program by Finnjobs.com & company directly, Upon selection the candidate will be given conditional offer letter. They will undergo the training at finnjobs.com for 6 weeks.

A minimum of 20 students are present in each batch.

Access to trainee resources in all locations via Finn Academy

A course completion certification will be provided from Finn academy with joint venture of Company

Recruitment process driven by experienced Company staff

TRAIN (Finn Academy)

Finn Academy provides full Sales Development training to new analysts (c.3 months) and Continuous Professional Development (CPD) for fresher’s staff

Ongoing training programme means constant supply of College of Business(COB)/ Know your customer (KYC)  analysts

Theoretical and practical training including High Risk/EDD Enhanced Due Diligence, best practice, client policy and systems training

Ongoing Root-Cause-Analysis and re-training as part of QA framework


Trained analysts are ready to be deployed in client’s COB/KYC operations either in-house or in off-/near-shore locations

Resources across all skill levels provided, including COB/KYC Operations Management, Policy SMEs, QA and Analysts

Inexperienced resources teamed with experienced personnel in Company cells

Rigorous QA framework, remedial training and certified Continuing Professional Development (CPD) ensure high quality results

Our objective

The objective of the Hire-Train-Deploy model is to provide trained and competent KYC Analysts to clients with minimal lead times and ready-to-work-on production cases.

The model supports hire-train-deploy for a combination of experienced and inexperienced staff allowing your firm to achieve the optimal balance of cost versus quality.

An interactive workshop that would boost confidence levels, guide and teach the principles of work environment and culture. This Transformation workshop is tailored for “Job Ready”.

The primary goal should be to reduce “off-the-job” time by targeting the training specifically to the skills employees lack.  Besides being more tailored to your industry, firm and sales staff, this customized sales training approach translates into fewer days out of the field, better training results and a better return on your sales training investment.


We are planning for developing our frontline sales in rural areas PAN India to meet sudden bulk hiring or sudden changes in system.

Job Description of Trainee Veterinary Sales Officer:

1. Overall sales target achievement (value terms)
2. Adherence to monthly sale forecast
3. Maintain Product-mix sales
4. Sales from direct customers
5. Advance sales
6. Adherence to reporting timelines
7. Cost / expense management
8. Maintain secondary stock
9. Sales phasing
10.Conduct demand generation activities

Qualification: Min. Graduate(MBA,BBA , BSC , MSC , D Pharmacy , B-Pharmacy , M Pharmacy)

Desired: Good communication, willingness to travel on bike in rural area to meet and promote sales among distribution network channel partners, good interpersonal skills, ability to learn quickly

Vacant Locations: Pan India


1. There should be NO Qualification Gap & NO BACKLOG of education and employment put together.
2. All short listed candidates must possess relevant ‘KYC Finn academy Authorized Certification’ before joining company
3. All certified candidates, Undergoing training candidates & candidates under the Train & Hire model can apply as per criteria.
4. Only interested candidates who match criteria and are briefed about the program are eligible.
5. Once LOI is issued the candidates can’t back out with reasons like cost factor, time factor etc.
6. After passing KYC Certification  you should be ready & willing to relocate to  any of the  company location such as  North / East/ West / south etc.

Please note important points for Screening for all modules

1. Marks 50% throughout for all the Qualification 
2. Experience Minimum 0 year to Maximum 1.5 years for all modules except Company which will be Minimum 0 and maximum 2 years.
3. Please note the  6 weeks Train and certify the personnel as required via Finn Academy training programmes.
4. Deploy the personnel on to the Company floor. Finn can either manage the deployment process or support the Company management in this process.
5. Hire personnel with the right potential for the roles to be filled. Finn can either execute this independently or work with the company’s HR function.
6. Please mention only one Interview location in the tracker.
7. Please mention the Training Start Date & End date for Certified & Undergoing training Candidates.
8. Skill Gap Analysis

Terms & Conditions of Employment with company

1. Pre-conditional offer from company
2. Aspirants will have a pre-conditional offer from company before going to training with Finn Academy
3. More details of job would be discussed during pre-screening with the aspirants by company
4. The aspirants will get a letter from A company showing its interest to hire the aspirant subject to clearing the Finn certification exam.
5. Finn Academy will train only those aspirants who have received a pre-conditional offer from company
6. The aspirants will receive the letter of offer from company post successful completion of Finn Academy training and certification.
7. Provide placement / self-enterprise set-up support for minimum 80% of successfully trained candidates
8. Self-employment opportunities
9. Development of resource & Module materials etc

Terms & Conditions of Colleges for established Training Center

Co working membership(As adviser)
Issuing Certificates/Feedback of participant for Training and Placement Program achieved in the Season jointly with Finnjobs.com
Company providing Excellence Award and certificates with finnjobs.com
Employee development through short-term crash programmes
Development of resource & Module materials etc.
Faculty exchanges between lead institutions and other institutions in the country, and the academia-industry exchanges.
College Scheme provides certificate
Awareness Generation and Demand Creation

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