AFBC, Traveling Grate Boiler DCS Engineers, Operators Maintenance Eng Opening 189 views0 applications

5. Engineer – Mechanical Maintenance & Electrical

6 Shift Incharge – Operation &  Electrical

7  Field Operator –
Boiler First Class , Second Class & Turbine Operator

8. DM/ RO Plant Operator

9. CHP/ Conveyor Operator

10.DCS Engineer – Boiler & Turbine

11. CHP Supervisor

12. Electrical Supervisor

13. Mechanical Supervisor

14. Chemist / Senior Chemist

15.GET – Electrical / Mechanical / Electronics

16. Electricen

17. Instrument Tech

18. General Fitter

19. Mill Wright Fitter

20.Silo Operator

21.Shift Engineer – Mechanical / Electricel

22. Store Keeper

23. Accountent

24. BOE

25. Plant Head

26. Welder

27. HR Officer

28. Safety Officer

29. Civil Engineer


1. Travel Grate Fired Boiler Shift Incharge

2Travel Grate Fired Boiler DCS Engineer

3 Travel Grate Boiler First Class Boiler Operator

4. Travel Grate Fired Boiler Second Class Boiler Operator

5. CFBC Boiler  Shift

6. CFBC Boiler DCS Engineer

7. CFBC Boiler First Class Boiler Operator

8 CFBC Boiler  Second
Class Boiler Operator

9. Bio Mass Fired Boiler Shift Incharge

10. Bio Mass Boiler DCS Engineer

11. Biomass Boiler First Class Boiler Operator

12. Bio Mass Boiler Second Class Boiler Operator

13. AFBC Boiler Shift Incharge

14. AFBC Boiler DCS Engineer

15. AFBC Boiler First Class Boiler Operator

16. AFBC Boiler Second Class Boiler Operator

17. PFBC Boiler Shift Incharge

18. PFBC Boiler DCS Engineer




BE, Diploma

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