Terms and Conditions for TNP

We wish to inform you that the Campus Recruitment Program will commence on academic year. All the final year students who are eligible for placement can register on the days stated with Training & Placement office. (T & P)

1. It is compulsory for all Final Year Students (interested for a job through Finnjobs.com) to Get registered with T&P Office at different colleges for different placement activities.

2. Registration for all programs will be done during the academic session.

3. Backlogs: Students having backlog of 4 or more courses are not permitted to register for placement. Such students are advised to clear the backlogs and then register after the July-November end semester examinations. However, the extended students can register in case of non-completion of course/project requirements in their last two semesters.

4. Students should register their names in the T&P Cell (Finnjobs.com) on payment of TA, DA, hospitality  (Non refundable &Non transferable) towards charges for the departmental broacher’s preparation, issuing job placement letters and other administrative dealings to company.

5. Placement Registration is for ONE ACADEMIC YEAR ONLY.

6. All students have to compulsorily carry their College I-Card with them. Without I-card no students will be allowed to enter inside placement examination hall.

7. Students once placed through T&P Office will not be eligible to participate in subsequent Placement activities.

8. The Department head for B-tech branch Class Representative for others may collect the Registration Form with student details from the Placement Office on academic session. Filled in form with placement registration details collected by Class Representatives / Faculties and submitted to the Placement Office for on and off campus. Placement Registration (PR) number will be assigned to the students on academic session. Students are requested to fill-in the registration details required in the Registration Form available with the Department head.

9. Strict discipline need to be followed by every student during the recruitment process. Any students found misbehaving or during misconduct will be debarred from the entire Placement season.

10. Is a student allowed to appear for One Technical & Aptitude Training season and three On & Off campus placements in a company.

11. Re-registration: Students who have lost the job for genuine reasons will be allowed to re-register on a case to case basis. Students who have graduated in final year, but not placed due to various genuine reasons, may be permitted to re-register with the approval of the concerned Authorities. They will be permitted to appear for placement only from academic session, subject to approval by the Board of Placement.

12. The Placement office has de-linked Pre-Placement Offers (PPO) from placements. The following rules are applicable to companies that make PPO through the placement Office.

13. DRESS CODE: Students must be formally dressed whenever they participate in any interaction with a company

**This office reserves the right to refuse permission to a student to attend the selection process/PPT, if they do not dress up formally. Students are expected to know the norms for formal wear; for the benefit of those who claim ignorance, please note that the following are strictly not allowed:

T-shirts with printed text; un-collared T-shirts;
Shirt not-tucked in
Chappals / flip-flops

14. Any queries regarding procedure / rules etc.may are addressed to the Placement Office through the respective Branch Head / Class Representatives only.

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